A Little About Monsanto…

We here at Get To Know Your Farmer are staunch defenders of the “right to Know” whats in our food, and advocates of all things natural and sustainable.

Here is a little about nasty MONSANTO


A Little Monsanto History

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Have you read the Article “Big Ag, Truth or Fiction?”

Have you read the Farmers Thoughts Article

Big Ag and strong communities of America… Truth or Fiction?

By Farm Fresh Media?

This is yet another article by our sister program here at GTKYF FOUNDATION  INC calling out BIG AG and the likes of CARGILL for the damage they continually do to the small guy, and local communities, like Lititz Pennsylvania.





Here at Get To Know Your Farmer we care about sustainability and building strong communities via LOCAL small business:

That being said we had the privilege to meet and spend some time with these fine folks and would encourage you to support them in their awesome endeavors:

Eve of Bumperville,

Fort Bumper, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

EBAY eve*of*bumperville

717-476-7095 voicemail,  bumperville@comcast.net email



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Are You A Farmer? Homesteader? & Feeling Hopeless?

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“Family Farmers are an Endangered Species”

-Ethan The Farmer, Founder Get To Know Your Farmer


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Are You Eating Fishy Food? Update

Did you know that through our parent organization GTKYF Foundation Inc we are an active supporter of  the “Are You Eating Fishy Food?” Program?

Do You Know whats in your Food?


“If You Care About What You Eat….

NOW! is the Time to Get INVOLVED!”

– Ethan The Farmer, Founder of Get To Know Your Farmer

Read more about this awesome program at:

Are We Eating Fishy Food? Update

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Taking it to the Streets

Ethan the Farmer and Shay D Alpaca  in a photo by Getty Images

We here at Get To Know Your Farmer and our parent organization GTKYF Foundation Inc strive daily to take the message of farms, food, families, and freedom to the streets.  We know that through these actions we are “being the change” we want to see in our world, and encouraging others to join us in spreading the message of “Taking back our Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom.” We are known for our Critter Crew members of our Ambassador Livestock Family, out spreading the message and reaching people who otherwise might avoid being given thought provoking information about the plight of the family farmer.  Above is a picture of one of our many photos by main stream media, while we are out interacting with the public.


Will you join us and many others in spreading the message of “Take back our farms, food, families, and freedom?”


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Spreading the Message at “Family Farm Days 2018” in Quarryville, Pennsylvania

Recently the staff of Get To Know Your Farmer, and our parent organization GTKYF FOUNDATION INC participated in the Family Farm Days 2018 In Quarryville, Pennsylvania.  To Read more about this awesome opportunity to interact with those in this local community as well as those involved in the local production of food Please visit http://farmfresh.media/family-days-on-the-farm .

To Keep up to date on all things related to Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom – Please follow our Media Group at www.FarmFresh.Media “Not Lame Stream Media – Straight from the Horses Mouth” (A program of GTKYF FOUNDATION INC)