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Why I Love Wyoming:

Here is a funny story about Why I Love Wyoming:

When it’s Springtime in Wyoming …
And the gentle breezes blow
At about seventy miles per hour
And it’s fifty-two below.
You can tell you’re in Wyoming
Cuz the snow’s up to your butt
And you take a breath of Springtime air
And your nose holes both freeze shut.
The weather here is wonderful …
So I guess I’ll hang around.
I could never leave Wyoming
Cuz my feet are frozen to the ground

-Author Unknown

More bad news for dairy farmers:

Dairy Farmers across the United States are struggling from the low milk prices over a long time. It’s hard to earn a living when you’re finished product sells for less than what you got into it. It’s time we pay attention and help facilitate a revolution of the supply train and encourage Farmers to sell direct to consumer. Otherwise the family farmers are going to be a thing of the past. Here’s an article talking about what’s going on with the Dairy Farmers yet one more article calling out the struggle.

Have you read the Article “Big Ag, Truth or Fiction?”

Have you read the Farmers Thoughts Article

Big Ag and strong communities of America… Truth or Fiction?

By Farm Fresh Media?

This is yet another article by our sister program here at GTKYF FOUNDATION  INC calling out BIG AG and the likes of CARGILL for the damage they continually do to the small guy, and local communities, like Lititz Pennsylvania.





Here at Get To Know Your Farmer we care about sustainability and building strong communities via LOCAL small business:

That being said we had the privilege to meet and spend some time with these fine folks and would encourage you to support them in their awesome endeavors:

Eve of Bumperville,

Fort Bumper, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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