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While Dolly the llama is being well cared for this program is currently available on a very limited basis due to the attacks on our founder and the need to ensure his and Dolly The Llama’s safety. Thank You for your Understanding –  If you know of other farms and organizations that would be interested in participating and facilitating the Ambassador Livestock program in your area – Nationwide – please contact us as we endeavor to take these efforts across the country.

We are hoping that Dolly and others will be joining us on the “Just Us Riders – Riders for Justice”  that we are undertaking in 2016.  Please keep tune and see what we have coming…  (while dolly herself could not join us, several of her close friends have joined us in the never ending endeavor to take back our farms, our food, our families, and our freedom.)


Here is the site as it appeared prior to our founder having to go into hiding:

(He is now out of hiding, and on a mission to draw attention to what is going on in this country.)

Get Attention for your cause

or event –

No one can ignore a llama walking down the street!!

Have you every wished you could reach out to people and tell them about your message? Dolly the llama does just that. It is extremely hard for people to ignore you and your message when you are walking down the street with a 6′ tall 300 pound animal. Dolly enjoys meeting all the new people and thinks that it is fun to smell the kids hair.

So, next time you have a specific message to get out – why not invite dolly and her friends? Let our professional experience at getting the word out help get your message out to the people you want to engage…


Email or call us TODAY and Find Out how we can help!

Dolly and Friends will be making regular appearances Throughout the coming spring and summer… Schedule yours now to avoid her being booked on the day you want her…


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