Ben Gilmore Story

 Benjamin David Gilmore

Beekeeper – Advocate for the Homeless

An Innocent Man Convicted

and framed in an Arson

In Larimer County Colorado.

Please show your support for him

and his family.

Let us not forget it could be anyone of us the

Government wants to frame.




Make sure and show our continued support for Ben Gilmore and His family – Please visit or watch  “Burning the Beekeeper” on You tube.

Let us not forget Ben Gilmore’s Innocence!


His family run business of over ten years is Copocos Honey, on 287 just north of Fort Collins –  Please help support them in this trying times.

A 2nd Documentary – Part two will be coming out in the near future –  we will keep you all informed as to when it is released and where it can be watched. If you look on You Tube it is now availible.

We will Continue to provide updates as they become available. At this time he is still being held and his appeal is still in process.

Thank You for all of your support of him and his family in these trying times – from all of us at Get To Know Your Farmer.

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