“Just Us Riders – Riders for Justice 2016”

“Just Us Riders – 

Riders For Justice 


Your asking …

Just what is this crazy thing that we are involved in … Now?


We here at Get To Know Your Farmer, along with our founder – “Ethan The Farmer” have been watching and actively involved in the fight for JUSTICE on many levels across this great country.  And …

To put it nicely – We think it is time for a change…

The likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and our other founding fathers are rolling over in their graves.  You see they challenged the largest military and Government on the planet at the time of our countries founding over a simple tax on tea.  Now we are taxed for just about everything, and our government has turned into an government by the elite  and corporate interests –  those that can buy what they see as justice, or what favors them. Not a government “by the people for the people”.  When the common man has no access to justice, because he cant afford it, or because the militarized law enforcement has turned towards the people… this is not moral.  Anyone with a true moral compass cannot sit by and let this happen.

So that brings us to our current state of affairs in this land and the protests going on world wide in support of justice for the people.  The outright desire of the people to be treated in a fair and equitable manor, with dignity and respect for the inerrant rights of all men.  Our law enforcement is no longer here to “serve and protect”, but have become enforcers for the corporate corruption and for the system that has clearly failed.

What are we doing about these issues?  While we do not advocate any type of violence, we are for our government being returned to we the people.  One way we think this will happen is for we the people to start a nationwide  where a marches and rally’s on the west coast, to the east coast, then on to our country’s capital… WASHINGTON DC.  We desire to have this nationwide  wave in DC on the Lincoln Mall Right in front of the capital the weekend before the 2016 election.

If you want to learn more about what we are actively doing in regards to this, please visit www.JustUsRiders.org

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