Family Farmers Micro Loans & Grants

 Family Farmers and our “Micro Loans and Grants” Program:

A lot of family farmers, homesteaders and others that desire to grow healthy food, sustainabily struggle with the lack of operation funds, and cash flow.  When you have to invest sometimes thousands and then wait months to see any return on your investment, then you add the gamble of nature and the environment to the mix and it becomes worse than a casino or playing the lottery.  Farming is the only business where you buy all your input materials at retail and sell your production at wholesale. A very backwards approach to basic business sense. Many of those who have been doing this for generations are forced to turn to the Federal Government because they feel they have no options. Traditional banks wont loan to them, and the deals the Government programs offer are not friendly and encourage non-sustainable methods and ideals.

So, Here at Get To Know Your Farmer, and our parent GTKYF Inc,  we set out to find a way to combat the unhealthy “sleeping with the enemy”,  ( the farmer having to get in bed with the USDA) approach to funding farmers and food freedom.  While our resources are limited, we encourage people to contribute to this fund so that we can help provide funding that encourages growing NON GMO plants, poultry and livestock, diversification, alternate energy usage, and sustainability within the production of food and energy by homesteaders, family farmers, and urban agriculture.

The very Government organization that is suppose to help these family farmers with their cash flow needs is run by people with a financial and vested interest in seeing them fail. Due to their involvement and greed tied to corporate agriculture and chemical companies. If one steps back and takes a look at the pattern, and the hostile actions by the government agencies, one can clearly see that they have the interest of monetary gain, and not of food and energy freedom.

We need to combat this kind of corruption for greed and offer a realistic plan to provide a way for these people to become less dependent on subsidies, and loans and learn to make it on their own.  When a family farmer, a homesteader, or a urban agricultural project applies for a loan or grant from us, it is not like dealing with the Federal Government.  We sit down with them and discuss their business in-depth.  Ways to become financially sustainable, while taking care of our world and environment along the way.

To donate to this fund please use and please put a note that says it is for the Ag Micro Loans and/or Ag Micro Grants.

If you are in need of on of these loans or grants please visit our sister organization, Just Us, and apply for an advocate for farms. They can get you an application and walk you through the process.

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