December 8, 2022

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Our Archives from 2014

Here is the News from 2014:

The Legal fight against the profits before people mentality of the government against natural family farmers Continues:

Our founder Ethan The Farmer Remained engaged in the fight against the counties attacks on natural family farmers and continued the fight.  In August 2014 he was forced into hiding due to the continued attempts by the county to “silence” him permanently.  Look for his site to be coming in the near future at

The Sustainable Community Training Farm:

We started a sustainable community training farm and tested out several more programs. Due to the Government from the county, the Sheriffs department, and the desire of the #1 attorney for destroying family farms to settle his personal vendetta against our founder that facility was closed and lost in the battle. When you are apolitical and religious target by those in power, the ability to fight back becomes almost impossible.   We are still looking for a new site somewhere in the United States.

This is the old information we used when setting up that facility – NONE of these are currently being used until we find a new facility:

*We have found a farm within 100 mi of Denver, and will be launching a sustainable homestead community in the coming weeks.  Please stay tuned to find out the specifics.  WE ARE IN NEED OF A HARD MONEY LENDER TO ASSIST IN CLOSING THIS DEAL. – IF YOU CAN HELP –  PLEASE CONTACT US. Contribute HERE – Perks for Participating in this Project.

Throughout 2014 we were blessed to grow the Victory garden program, participate in the Denver Local Food Summit, Participate in many farmers markets throughout Colorado, grow our member farms in Colorado, and continue to spread the message of Food and energy independence. Although things did not end up the year how we wished, with the loss of the training farm project, and our founder being forced into hiding.  The actions pushed other goals like exploring the idea of taking this organization across the country, the idea of a book, and several other websites to better spread the message and speak out against the unjust and corrupt powers that are destroying our great country in the name of corporate greed.

Thank You for Your Continued Support!


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