January 29, 2023

Get To Know Your Farmer

Healthy Affordable Agriculture For ALL!

Fresh Produce for our Philadelphia Friends:

So, here is the info on a awesome produce club in Philadelphia, PA:

Check it out!

Produce Day is Thursday 05/16.

Pickup from 4:30pm until 6:30pm or needed.

Saturday 10:30am until 12:30pm.

Always make an appointment: no exceptions.

All the intro info is at the end of the document.

Rule #1: get involved, ask questions…

The Point: we live in a Port town. There is a fountain of produce four miles from here. And it is super cheap. Let’s dive in!

Pick Up Address: 321 Cattell Ave in the garage. Park and walk back. –Make an appointment even to a la carte shop please.

THE LIST ( only organics )


#1 Mature Portabella Mushroom: $3.75 / pound x

Kennet Square producer sends this order overnight. Fresh!

Will ordered on Wednesday.

I need your order by Wednesday 10am and a deposit.

1 Cases are already ordered this week.

#1 White Button Mushroom: $3.00 / pound

from the same producer.

1 case ordered.


#2 Granny smith apples $1. per pound ( Extra Bargain ) WSL

#2 Gala Apples $1. per pound ( Extra Bargain ) WSL

while supplies last.

#1 Lemon $0.75 each

#1 Navel Orange $0.60 each

#1 Red Grapefruit $1.5 per fruit

#1 Kiwi $0.40 each.

#1 Strawberry $4.0 per pound

#1 Blueberry $3.5 per 6 oz pack


#1 Turmeric Root $6.8 per pound

#1 Ginger Root

30# total price is $3 per pound

5# total price is $4.5 per pound

#2 Green cabbage $0.75 per pound

#1 Avocado $1.5 each

#1 Celery $3.0 per head

#1 Broccoli Bunch $3.5 per pound

#2 Cucumber $1.75 per pound

#2 Carrot $0.25 per pound ( Extra Bargain )

#2 Rainbow Carrot: $1.5 per pound

#2 Orange OR Yellow pepper $2.25 per pound

#1 Zucchini $1.75 per pound

#1 Russet potato $4 per 3 pound bag

#2 Turnip $1.60 per pound

#1 Grape Tomato $3.00 per pint

#1 Beefsteak Tomato: $3.00 per pound

#2 Acorn Squash: $1 per pound.

#2 Sweet potato $0.75 per pound

#1 Onion $4.25 per 3 pound bag ( 16 per case )

#1 Garlic $4.50 per pound

#1 Cilantro $1.75 per bunch

#2 Dandelion Bunch $2. per bunch

#1 Rainbow Chard $2.25 per bunch

#1 Kale $2.25 per bunch

#1 Kale Lac $2.25 per bunch

#1 Alfalfa Sprouts $1.75 / 4 oz package.

Speciality Items

#1 Polenta $3 per pound : sun dried tomato and garlic?

#1 Tofu 14 oz Firm or Extra Firm $1.67

#2 Tofu Cutlet $1 each ( Extra Bargain )

Orders MUST fill and buy the case BEFORE it is purchased, so orders do NOT mean you will get the items.

Share is: To be determined ETC.

Caveat on Pricing:

When I get the items at the wholesaler I inspect them. When I get them back to my store sort them and weigh the remaining produce. At that point I may change the price. This is because there can be more or less counted items in the box than I assumed in calculating the price And/Or there may be more or less weight as well.

The Introduction Information ( used to be at the top ):

The Produce Club


send email toritter.alan88@gmail.com for weekly item and price list.

And to “order” from this list.

For 02/28/2019 pickup ( and the weekend )

We buy from wholesale sources.

We buy Firsts (#1) and Seconds (#2). This saves you money. And reduces food waste.

Be precise when you order. Ask me if you are confused.

Confirm an appointment to pick up ( time and day ) when you order.

(small aside for new folks): email me directly with questions.

There is no minimum order with the Club ever. Buy only what you can use.

If that means one apple, then buy one apple.

If you are making a big order you need an account. Email me.

I suggest just making an appointment and shopping a la carte to meet me.

I mention case sizes sometimes, because unless the Club as a whole buys it all I won’t order it.

The pickup location is:

321 Cattell Ave Collingswood NJ 08107

It is in the garage of the house.

The house has a trampoline.

I ask that you park at the curb and walk back. if you are picking up a large amount we can pull your car back.

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