January 29, 2023

Get To Know Your Farmer

Healthy Affordable Agriculture For ALL!

Christmas is almost here.

Christmas Is Almost Here.  How are you going to support your local family farmer this holiday? With them just around the corner? 

  Alot of small farmers and small business owners are struggling with all of craziness 2020 has bought . And it’s important that we support our local family farmers and small businesses. They are the Economic stability of our local community and the back bone of a strong society. 

  As you spend time with your family and friends this christmas season remember to keep in mind all of those struggling. This year has been especially chaotic and disheartening. With all of the government imposed restrictions on social engagement it leads to a worsening case of isolation across the board. If someone was marginalized prior to COVID -19 they are in an even worse predictimate then before now.  Remember to reach out to those struggling and show you care. So them compassion and empathy even if you are to do it from a distance. 

  When you are given a chance to buy local – do so! When you get a chance to buy direct from the farmer – do so!  Remember that those small business owners are not making CEOs in Wall Street rich. Even with wall street at record highs, in most cases it doesn’t trickle down to have a effect on your everyday life.  Those small business owners are supporting the local economic engine and your local economy in your community . They’re paying for that soccer class for their children. They are paying for that local dentist  and braces for their children. All of this puts money back into the community. Most of the time  it doesn’t find its  way to Wall Street directly.  Where  the big Banks the greedy CEOs buy a new yacht, with your hard earned money.  

Keep your money local and help keep your  neighbors and family with a job and a roof over their head. 

Ever thought about the current plight of the service worker? The ones that use to wait on your table at your favorite local restaurant? Imagine how you would feel if the government mandated that you can not do the only job you know. The job where for the years prior to coronavirus you were able to provide a safe and secure home for your children and family. Now, thanks to the current path our society has taken you are not able to earn the money you need to pay the bills. Now, some.of you say ” its their fault for not being prepared.” For not saving enough. I would challenge you to consider that many families in this time in our history as a society have been pushed to the very edge of failure. Many were barely making it on a two income household. Barely able to cover the bills and survive. It is hard to save and prepare for the future if you are not sure if you can even cover the expense of today. A large percentage of our society is living just one pay check away from economic collapse.