January 29, 2023

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Family Farmers: Who are they?

What is a family farmer?

Family Farmers are an endangered species in the United States of America, Canada and around the World.

Why is that you ask?

It is because of Corporate greed and the political process that is corrupted by money and power.

Family Farmers are the ultimate back bone of what made this country (the United States of America) the great economic power house it has been for the last 100 years.  But due to the governments being corrupted by corporate money, greed, and power they are an endangered species.  They are the only industry in America that buys at retail, gambles with the forces of nature, and sells the majority of what they produce at wholesale.  Then to top it all off  you have greedy corporate agriculture entities like Monsanto, and their corporate agriculture group Con Agra that are engaged in factory farming and destroying the natural cycle of the soil, water, and the enviorment in the name of profit.  When these family farmers are led into a misnomer that chemical, “conventional”, or mono cropping are the answer to their struggles to survive and exist, it ultimately leads to their demise. Once they engage in the factory farming model they either have to go big and become the factory farmer requiring the intense chemical and petroleum additives, or they go deeper and deeper into debt borrowing from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and their arm the FSA (Farm Service Agency).  As the years go by they go farther and farther into debt, as rarely they can if ever generate enough gross revenue to have enough to fund the next year.  Most only have enough revenue to make the minimum payments year to year and barely scrape by.  They are only one bad season or disaster from loosing it all. Many are farming land that has been in their families for generations. Some even own land that was homesteaded by their kin.    All of this is the thanks they get for breaking their backs often putting in 100 hour work weeks, working morning, noon, and night to keep the farm running.  No overtime, No vacations, No days off,(animals and plants require constant water and food) and No real government or community support.

Now, I know many of you say

“what do you mean –

No government Support?”

When You get right down to it the very government agencies that are suppose to support Local – Family based agriculture, have been commandeered by the corporations desiring to twist and use them to pad their bank accounts.  The kind of family farmers that we are referring to are the kind that have worked this great countries soil with their blood sweat and tears for the generations prior to the 1940’s.  The kind of people who were determined to scratch out an meager existence from the fruits of their labor.  The kind that would not quit, having the independence to survive in hostile natural existence.  But today they are fighting a war that they are loosing at a pace unprecedented in history, and the attack on them is being led by the very organizations that were set up to help them.  When you have former executives of various chemical and corporate interests now running and making the policies regarding family farmers.  In essence the “fox guarding the hen house.” They can not get a fair shake. The corporations via their lobbyists, their money invested in getting specific, (often their own people, with vested financial interests) people appointed or elected have taken control of the situation.

This Playing field is far from even and has resulted in a dire problem when you consider that our access to healthy food at affordable prices, and our countries rural economy relies on the very family farmers that our government is rapidly driving out of business and to extinction.

Don’t you agree we have to take action NOW?

To Save Family Farmers – across our great country?

And there for save our countries food independence,

and economic strength?

Get Involved TODAY and support our programs committed to

Saving Family Farmers NOW!


So, in this current situation we ask You to

join with us in our

efforts Save Family Farmers:

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If You know of a Farmer that needs our help please contact us at Info@gettoknowyourfarmer.com

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