January 29, 2023

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About us – Who Are We?

wpid-20140924_095133.jpg So you want to know a little about us, how we got here and why we are doing this?

The purpose of this site is to tell our story, help connect those producing the local, natural food with those consuming the food and products.  To Promote “Healthy, Affordable Agriculture For All!” Our desire is to first and for most support NATURAL FAMILY FARMERS.  Those who are willing to put in the extra work to grow food and agriculture product naturally, and are part of the family farmer heritage, who as a family fight to grow “healthy affordable agriculture for all.” Those who choose to put in the hard work to facilitate proper treatment of the animals, the soil, the plants, and the earth as a whole. Secondly, we actively support urban agricultural projects, and homesteaders, as well as all things supporting off grid, natural, sustainable, healthy, living.

Family farmers are under attack throughout this country (the United States of America) and are loosing their homes, their livelihoods and more to a variety of reasons.  Those reasons include corporate agriculture, open and blatant attacks by government on their way of life, for profit, and the never ending fight with nature and all that it throws at the farmer.  Family farmers are what made this country’s back bone as strong as it was. The international economic engine this country has been for generations. As well as  provided the raw materials and shear grit to press on no matter what the odds were.  Our founding fathers the like of which include George Washington, John Adams, Ben Franklin, and others were all family farmers of sorts.  One of the founding principles of this country was the FREEDOM to work hard, and to get ahead by the blood, sweet, and hard work  of ones self.  Today’s family farmers are a dying breed and need our help to hang on and help them preserve our food, energy and agricultural independence and freedoms as a country.

Natural Family Farmers


Conventional Family Farmers


Organic Family Farmers

Natural Family Farmers by our definition are the salt of the earth farmers and ranchers (agricultural producers) that grow and produce their crops in the most sustainable earth and animal friendly way possible. In today’s unique agricultural world these may also include small homesteads, and urban family farmers.  While these methods are far greater labor intensive than today’s conventional methods, they show a deep connection with the land and the animals. These people whether farming on a large scale or on a homestead care about the health, and quality of the products consumed by their consumers.  They grow Non-GMO plants, use traditional manure and natural fertilization methods, grass fed meats and poultry, use companion and rotational planting.   When it comes to weed control and pest control they employ labor intensive manual control methods, often by hand,  and other natural means.  Sometimes that means using goats to mow the fence line or the wind break.  While they may not pay to play the governments “certified Organic” game, they are true to the principles with a moral and ethical desire to do right by the animals and earth. The very principles many people think they are getting with organic food, in a far truer sense than many of those subscribing to the government endorsement.  By not paying to play the governments certified organic game, they are able to sell what they produce at a far more reasonable cost to the average person.  Than the food grown and produced under the governments certified organic program that is primarily controlled by large corporations with only profit in mind.  Many of these same people are striving to create a zero energy foot print for their farms and production facilities, going completely off the grid whenever feasible.  Working towards true energy independence and freedom.  A natural family farmer is a family person that cares deeply, full of passion and conviction for what is right – what is just – what is truth.   The kind of person all of us should be supporting. .  We are here for these farmers with experience  and  many resources to help.  Bringing light to the current plight of these true patriots is of utmost importance to us all, if we truly desire the changes necessary to save the family farmers, and our country.


Conventional Family Farmers are the people trying to straddle the fence between what some might see as progressive agriculture, and the way of old employed by the natural family farmers we mentioned in the paragraph above. Through we stand with them, we encourage all family farmers to work towards the natural methods that we have seen work firsthand.  Towards environmental sustainability and economic sustainability, going hand in hand. When these farmers are having to buy new seed each and every year, instead of being able to grow their own. When they are having to buy more and more chemicals to try and keep their production up, so they can earn something… this is not sustainable and is one of the primary causes of the demise of the family farmer in this country.  When each year passing, they have to spend and barrow even more money from the government to even have a prayer of making it that year, this system is broken, and most assuredly not sustainable. When the government takes such an active role that it becomes more profitable to put your farm land into CRP (“Crop Reduction Program” a program of the United States Department of Agriculture), with the Farm Service Agency, then it is to work the land and produce crops and food as was intended. We as a society, have a problem with this broken system.  We are here to help these Conventional Family Farmers become self sustaining, and naturally producing food and energy leading to true freedom and independence.

Currently, an estimated 40% of all available agriculture land in the United States is in CRP (crop reduction program) through the Farm Service Agency –  Meaning that 40% of the land available to produce food is out of the ability to grow food – then the Government and the likes of Monsanto, Con Agra, and DuPont say that the only way to produce enough food for the growing global population is GMO’s (Genetic Modified Organisms). Open and blatant false information support by outright greed. Several test plots have been done recent years- proving that NON GMO (heirloom) seeds out produce the patented costly seeds of these corrupt companies.

Organic Family Farmers are the those family run farms that have subscribed to the Government sanctioning of our food and what’s in it. Corrupt pay to play – first hand.   When a family farmers goes through the hoops to get the government pay to play label  for their products, the cost is astronomical.   The bad part is that this government sanctioned label is a complete misnomer for the public. Completely outright false advertising.  For example when an dairy that is certified organic cant find enough certified organic feed they can feed conventional.  Not to mention that many certified organic producers grow GMO’s as well as factory farming practices in fields adjacent to the supposed organic crops.  When a certified organic beef producer can place a large number of cows in a feed lot and feed them a ton of grain that most likely contains GMO’s – that is not natural or organic by the truest sense of the word or concept.  We firmly believe that the public is being mislead by the powers that be with the whole certified organic label and therefore we do not support it what so ever.  As for the family farmers that currently participate in this program, we are ready and willing to work with them to take their practices to a truly natural sustainable system.

What is a Corporate farmer? Corporate farmers are non family farmers and are large multinational agribusinesses that are progressively buying up large amounts of the farms and agricultural processing companies.  While some family farms grow to be large regional players, they are still under the daily operational control of a small family system with the morals and ethics brought by generations of hard working down to earth people. Not that of the Corporate CEOs that have never got their hands dirty, nor that of the share holders via wall street. Corporate Farmers are known for putting profits long before ethics, hard work, and sustainability.  Corporate Agricultural companies use their money to lobby the government for more subsidies and for more control.  They also use their resources to get the people that have loyalties to them and economic / power interests in the Corporate controlled governmental system growing. When the policies to  encourage the revolving door that now exists between big ag and the government, like what is currently in place between Monsanto, Con Agri, and the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Food and Drug Administration, YOU CANNOT AVOID CORRUPTION!   These types of relationships lead to nothing but a massive conflict of interest and zero accountability other than to their profits.  They seek immediate financial gratification over the long term health of the land, the animals, and society as a whole.

What is a Factory Farmer? A factory farmer is a person or group that engages in resource intense farming by the use of large often thousands of acres of one crop, or feed lots where animals are housed in close proximity to each other, or structures housing a large number of poultry.  These types of typically corporate operations are destroying the very soil organisms and the environment necessary to operate a sustainable program. Often these methods of farming result in high use of antibiotics in the livestock and poultry to lesson the risk of disastrous illnesses running rampant. The use of wide spread chemicals is also very prevalent in this type of culture, in direct conflict with nature itself.  We do NOT support this type of farming and would encourage those involve in this to become sustainable as soon as possible.

What is a Mono Cropper? Mono Croppers are farming operations that typically grow one crop and only one crop or animals in the same fields over and over again.  The old adage of don’t put all your eggs in one basket is ignored in this type of agricultural production.  When the tried and true methods of crop rotation and companion planting are ignored the operation must use other methods to replace the nutrients being taking out of the soil over and over again.  most of the Mono Croppers turn to chemicals to attempt to replace the missing nutrients. Again we would encourage these people to explore and implement sustainable methods as soon as possible.

So, after reading the above information you can see first hand where we stand and how and why we are staunch advocates for saving family farmers.  We believe that the only way to save this great nations food and energy independence and therefore freedom is to take back our family farms.

We would encourage you to read more and learn about all of the ways we are actively engaged in the fight to save family farms.   As well as getting involved on a deeply personal level by voting with your wallet, buy spreading the message about what is happening, and by taking an active level by volunteering to help with some of our or others endeavors to call light to what is happening right here in our own back yards.

Now let us each go out and do our part every day!

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If You know of a Farmer that needs our help please contact us at Info@gettoknowyourfarmer.com

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