December 8, 2022

Get To Know Your Farmer

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Get To Know Your Farmer – Certified Label Program

Are you tired of the joke of a label “Certified Organic”?

The Government Sanctioned “Pay to Play” government sanctioned label that does nothing to actually educate and help the consumer truly understand what is happening to their food along the way?  Do you want a certified labeling program that is not controlled by money or big corporate Agriculture?  When the FDA and the USDA both have a revolving door with corporate agriculture, and huge chemical companies, how can we trust them? We cant!



We offer a “Get To Know Your Farmer – Certified Label Program” to agricultural products producers both large and small. This Program is supported by contributions, and is FREE to the producers – thereby keeping the financial incentives for allowing participation separate from the actual certification process.  With the objective to provide a knowledgeable factual unbiased review of what actually has effected your food on its way to your table, and where it came from.

  • “Get To Know Your Farmer – Certified Naturally Grown”
  • “Get To Know Your Farmer – Family Farmer Grown”
  • “Get To Know Your Farmer – Locally Grown”
  • “Get To Know Your Farmer – Unadulterated Agricultural Product”

“Get To Know Your Farmer –

Certified Naturally Grown”

“Naturally Raised Agricultural Products Label – Better Than Organic!”  (NRAP Certified by Get To Know Your Farmer) will certify that the food has been raised in a manner that is in accordance with our beliefs and methods in natural agriculture.  This includes random inspections and signing of pledge to operate in accordance with Natural Agriculture Practices, as determined and disclosed by Get To Know Your Farmer. This is a Certification that involves a rigorous inspection, and review of the agricultural practices of those growing and producing agricultural products, by those at Get To Know Your Farmer.  The goods and products that carry this label and those producing them will sign and agree to our definition of “Natural Agricultural Practices”.   Get To Know Your Farmer will conduct random audits and inspections to ensure that these practices are being followed and to address any concerns that we may have.  Our reports, and notes of each product and producer will be available online to allow full disclosure. At no time will a producer, or products manufacturer be asked to pay for this service, as we do not want money to provide for a conflict of interest.  The producer or products manufacturer will be required to pay for lab tests as we see the need for and on a random basis.

“Get To Know Your Farmer –

Family Farmer Grown”

“Family Farmer Label” (FF Certified By Get To Know Your Farmer): Agricultural Products Produced by family farmers and Not Processed or grown by Corporate Agriculture. Will Include Random Inspections, and the signing of the pledge to uphold family farmers values. This Certification is to ensure that the products grown are not grown by corporate agriculture. Family owned and operated farms, community gardens, and small homesteads are what drives our food economy, and were the original steward of the environment and our food.

“Get To Know Your Farmer – Locally Grown”

“Locally Grown Label” (LG Certified By Get To Know Your Farmer): For Products Grown within 100 mi of the point of sale.  Will be required to provide documentation and subject to audit and inspection.  Eating locally grown food grown on family farms, urban homesteads, or in community gardens helps to build a strong local economy and creates a strong sense of responsibility.

Get To Know Your Farmer – Unadulterated Products”

“Unadulterated Label” (UA Certified By Get To Know Your Farmer): For Agriculture related Items that are produced and offered for sale that are in their natural state –  Not altered in any way. Just the way it was intended in nature.  Will include random Inspections, and the signing of a pledge to comply with our unadulterated  products guidelines.

Producers (family farmers, urban grown agriculture, and homesteaders) and Products Manufacturers can apply to be certified in more than one certification. And all inspections will be posted online, along with our review of their operation, at time of inspection.  All those holding certification may only label those products for which we specifically certified with said certification.  All those certified are responsible for all lab test costs, and tests are to be done at our discretion.

For Consumers: If you would like to find a list of those who carry the above certifications, we will post it online, along with the inspections.

For Producers and Product Manufactures: If you would like information on getting certified and the specific application and requirements for each one, please email us.

Our Email Address is

We have a limited number of openings,  and currently must have a minimum number of producers in a geographical area to offer this program – so please get your application in now.


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