December 8, 2022

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Sustainable Community Training Farm Project

“As We move forward with our mission to facilitate food and energy independence – we are embarking on this endeavor to create a sustainable community training farm.  Where will demonstrate the principles and methods in a learning environment for others to take back home and help spread the vision.” 

We are seeking a location for this project, or several locations in different regions, within 100 miles of a metro area, and/or commercial airport. This location needs Water Rights, and  Local Community support.  We desire to create the leader in training and providing educational and developmental resources to the local community and around the globe as a one-of-its-kind facilities dedicated to spreading food and energy freedom, sustainable agriculture, and saving family farms.

We have embarked on a facility in north central pennsylvania – Learn about it Here:

Here are some of the aspects we envision incorporating into these sustainable community training farms:

  • Pastured Poultry Program:
    • Brooding & Hatching facility, designed to teach basic poultry raising, and to provide chicks and pullets for sale and use throughout our organization and the community.
    • Poultry Tractors and Free Range Pastured Poultry. Incorporating rotational grazing, and the principles of the American Pastured Poultry Association.
    • Including these types of poultry: Heritage Breed Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Guinea Hens, Pea Fowl, Pheasants, Quail, Pigeons,  and Heritage Turkeys.
  • Livestock Training Program: The facility where we can teach others about their animals and how to train them, and the skills necessary for working, training, breeding, and raising animals on the farm and ranch.
  • Construction Department Program: Where we will use reclaimed materials whenever possible to rehab the facilities to make them functional. This Construction Department will also be used  for training and re-tooling participants, volunteers, and interns to build the following types of projects for expansion to their communities:
    • Tiny Houses – offer a way to provide an affordable path to home ownership for all, and providing housing alternatives to those who otherwise could not achieve home ownership. These tiny houses also are a viable option for those desiring to embark on their dream of “Off the Grid” Living. In the Metro areas in the proximity to the training farm these “tiny houses” can be utilized to help address the ever growing homeless plight in our communities.  By allowing those desiring to achieve a stable residence the ability to build sweat equity and work off the cost of construction of their very own tiny house, while retooling them with marketable skills with which to better their lives.
    • “Tiny Greenhouses” – Mobile greenhouses built on trailers, can include aquaponic systems,  assisting those who do not have room for a green house with a mobile option for a greenhouse.  We plan to rent and rent to own these to people pursuing food independence. As well as provide the opportunity for sweat equity, and working off the value of their green house, while learning valuable retooling skills that provide them additional ability to exist in our society.
    • Poultry Coops – Poultry Nesting Boxes – Poultry Tractors – we will build and produce structures from recycled materials that are both aesthetically  pleasing and functional at affordable prices to facilitate their journey to food independence. All while using recycle and reclaimed materials when ever possible.
    • Goat, Pig, and Calf Tractors – A livestock tractor is a device used to facilitate the natural use of livestock to maintain the land to promote rotational grazing, as well good animal and land management.  These devices are moved around the land to allow for the selective grazing and rotating of the animals.  Goats, pigs, calves, rabbits, and poultry are the most common animals for tractors.  These structures will be provided at below market value to persons looking to participate in the journey to food independence, using reclaimed and recycled materials.
    • Garden Structures – raised garden bed kits, pre-assembled units and kits, and tiered raised bed towers.
    • Bee Hives – using recycled materials to teach people about bees, and the importance of bee hives and pollinators.
    • Bat Boxes – using recycled materials to help people understand this very misunderstood animal.  Bats are a great way to provide sustainable insect control and wonderful organic soil amendments.
    • Bird Feeders and Bird Houses –  providing much needed habitat and visually  pleasing wild bird habitat.
    • Rabbit Hutches and pens – construct rabbit hutches and pens to provide people with an economical way to grow rabbits for food.
    • Sheds, Barns, and Lean To Structures – using reclaimed materials to build the structures for use in urban homesteads and in rural agriculture.
    • Greenhouses, Hoop Houses, and Hotboxes -providing an economical way for people to extend their growing season and achieve food independence.
    • Off the Grid Growing systems –  Both onsite and custom kits to help facilitate people in gaining food and energy independence.
    • Alternate Energy Systems – Bio Digester Systems, Gasification Systems, Geo Thermal Mini Systems, Alternate Solar, Mini Hydroelectric and more…  All designed and built using reclaimed and recycled materials whenever possible.
    • Aquaponics Kits and Systems –  to help people grow food year round and in limited space environments. Including Vertical Growing Systems, Micro Greens, Fodder, Duck Weed, Mushrooms, Beneficial Insects, Worms, Traditional Vegetables and more.
    • Trailer Construction -repair, construct, and customize trailers for use in natural agriculture – energy and food independence, as well as the base for the Tiny Houses.
  •  Market Garden Program: Where we grow and teach others to grow food for sale and provide to those who cannot afford good healthy natural produce. We will donate  15% to shelters and food banks, 15% to those who volunteer, and 70% to the retail market at prices that are affordable to the average person.  We will also be offering vegetable shares. This program uses the ethican principles of permaculture, non-GMO, Heritage seeds, in a water wise natural friendly manor. All of the aspects of this are done using diversification, crop rotation, no chemicals and all natural methods.
  • Sub – Grade Green House (wapini) Program: Where we teach and use to grow aquaponics, seedlings, and food.  This requires a south facing structure partly below grade using the natural heating and cooling properties of the earth to help facilitate an off the grid operation. This facility will also serve as a training program year round.
  • Pig Program: Where we will teach and  breed pastured pork and the raising of pastured pork.  Pig Shares will be available. This program includes the use of pigs to prepare land for crops and is a pasture based natural pork program.
  • Goat Program: Teaching breeding, and raising. Goat Meat and goat Milk. This Program will provide Raw Goat Milk Shares. One specific area this program will include is using Goats for natural weed control. All Livestock are pastured and grass fed.
  • Sheep Program: Teaching Raising; Sheep Shares – Mutton, Wool and Lamb shares.  There is also the possibility of adding raw sheep milk shares in this program. All livestock is pastured and grass fed.
  • Cattle Program: Teaching Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle and Raw Milk Shares.  This program uses a completely natural approach, no steroids, all natural grass based diet, on pastured cattle.
  • Rabbit Program: Teaching raising and breeding rabbits naturally, in pastured settings for meat and fur- Rabbit meat shares are part of this program.
  • Living Roof Program:  Teaching and growing food on your existing roof systems.
  • Bunk House Program: To help build team comradery, and  for those in training, to reside and learn in a community environment. This can also be used to provide housing to those in transition, and needing to get off the streets.
  • Co Op Program: Designed to facilitate and teach Co Op farmers markets in the communities we are involved in.  This Program can be in conjunction or independent of the training farm project.
  • Community Housing: Where a community of people contribute to the operation and live withing the community – this program can also be used to teach and provide an arena for those interested in this type of life to experience it first hand. A scaled cooperative housing concept, based on respect and sustainability, for families and single persons.
  • Media and Production Program: Where we teach and encourage the use of various media platforms in association with our Farm Fresh Media Organization. Can produce Documentaries, radio, TV, articles, and educational stories and production.


Email us here if you have a suggested location or to bring one of these programs to your local community – thank you.



Additional Programs available via Get To Know Your Farmer:

To inquire about bringing this program to your community please

email us here:

This Program is Completely Funded By Contributions

earmarked for it. Contribute Here


  • Educational and Event Services: A comprehensive training workshop, event planing, and speaker program teaching others about the issues and topics related to energy and food freedom, saving family farmers, and sustainable existence. Topics include but are not limited to: Aquaponics, PermaCulture, biodigestors, off grid energy, Natural Poultry, Urban Agriculture, Homesteading, Natural Livestock, beneficial insects, gardening, social justice, governmental corruption, GMO’s, and more.  We also will plan and organize events related to these topics.  Here are some of the current event programs we offer, please keep in mind we are willing to be creative and develop an event to meet a specific need in your community:
    • “Healthy Family Local Food Festival” –  Designed to provide an avenue to allow the community to learn about local food and small family owned businesses.  We have organized and hosted this event at the Colorado State Capital and are willing to bring it to other communities that show an active interest, and commitment.
    • Anti Monsanto rallies and events: Our founder was heavily involved, including organizing several of the March Against Monsanto events held in Colorado.  We are more than willing to get behind these events in communities throughout the United States and Canada.
    • “The Locals Farmers Market by The Farmer” – a Program that brings farmers markets and Co-op markets to communities in need of access to healthy local natural food.
  • Intern and Volunteer Program: Working with interns and volunteers throughout our organization.
  • Ambassador Livestock Program: “Bringing the Farm to Life” – Please Click here to learn more
  • Take Back America –  Plant a Victory Garden Program: Facilitating urban gardens, homesteads and community gardens through a unique model encouraging people to grow their own healthy food naturally: Please visit our Victory Garden site here to learn more:
  • Merchandise Program: offering of products showing peoples support for our core topics related to food and energy freedom, saving family farmers, and sustainable living. Including T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, Coats, Hats, and More!


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