January 29, 2023

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Monsanto – GMOS and Natural Family Farmers…

Monsanto – GMOs and the Natural Family Farmer

What do you get when you give control of the seed and the largest agricultural products company on earth to the largest chemical company? Not to mention the massive number of patents that the likes of Monsanto own. Then to top it off the very goverment agencies that are charged with regulating this massive profit driven company are mostly former executives from the very company they are suppose to regulate. It is a blatant manipulation of the checks and balances system, resulting in an outright “fox guarding the hen house” situation.  This situation has brought into existence an outright attack on the small family farmer. Then add to the fact that the small farmer dare to go it the way nature intended – and the fight is beyond belief.

Now, bring into play the massive financial resources of Monsanto and its team players, Con Agri, and for the United States Government.  And clearly the “natural family farmer” is fighting an uphill battle against all odds.  How is it fair business to have a company like Monsanto controlling the regulators, and even the governmental departments charged with assisting the natural family farmer?  Does this not violate existing “anti trust laws” of the Federal Government? Since when can a business control every aspect of one piece of commerce? When 80% of the food in the standard American Grocery store contains one or more patents owned by Monsanto – is that not control?

Next you have Monsanto using the American court system to outright attack and destroy these family farmers and those who speak out against them by bring legal action against those who oppose them.  Even going so far to sue the natural family farmers when the pollen from Monsanto’s Patented corn trespasses onto the natural family farmers fields and pollinates their crops. When any logical person would agree that Monsanto’s product is the one in violation of the law. But as most of us will admit- in the United States Courts Money rules. It is no longer “Justice for all” but instead it is justice for those who can buy it. This is so far beyond wrong and needs to be stopped.

What will it take to get the people to stand up against corporate controlled corrupt goverment?

Will You stand with us? And get involved?

It is high time we take back our farms and our land from the corporations who will destroy anything in the name of greed. They have proven over and over again that they will not stop putting profits before people.

The Time is NOW!


Visit this page to learn more about GMO’s and our organizations beliefs on them – HERE:


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