December 8, 2022

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March Against Monsanto – Denver

SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE  2013 March Against Monsanto in May and October, Get To Know Your Farmer Participated in the Denver Colorado Events that year.

Do you like being the largest science experiment in history?  Are you concerned about the continued survival of mankind?  Then you need to know about GMO’s…

Do you care about GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) in your food supply? Is it Ok that one single company has the patents to genetically modified organisms or genetically engineered that 80% of the food in our traditional grocery stores carry? Do you care about food independence – not letting the government control our food chain? How bout the health and well being of each of us as we are the guinea pigs for this big science experiment?

If all or any of the above questions mean something to you – then it is high time you get involved! We need numbers if we are going to fight corporation money control over our elected officials and over our food, water, and environment.

“If you care about what you eat-

NOW is the time to get involved!”

Will you stand with us?

1500 like minded people attended and stood for food independence. The Next major March Against Monsanto Event will be held world wide in the fall of 2018 – Will You be there?

Invite a friend – call – write and tell everyone you know – our food and our children’s food depends on it! Each and every day – each of us need to be telling three people we meet each day… Doing our part to stop one of the greatest threats to mankind that has every existed… Will you do your part?

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Denver March Against Monsanto

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March Against Monsanto – Denver

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