January 29, 2023

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Save Family Farmers

Wondering what you can do to help #SAVEFAMILYFARMERS ?

Here are some ways you can take a personal action in the interest of saving Family Farmers.  Some involve programs and activities involving our organization – others are independent of us.  If you have any suggestions for programs and ideas for people to take personal actions to join the fight to save family farmers, please EMAIL them to us –  Thank You:


  1. VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET: Family Farmers need you to support them when you shop.  Even if it is just a little more expensive to shop with the LOCAL NATURAL FAMILY FARMER – Please buy from them!  Your purchase stays LOCAL and helps support your neighbors and keep your communities economically vibrant. Your going to buy food anyway – you may as well use your buying power to help save this endangered species, The Family Farmer.

  2. SPREAD THE WORD:  Now, I know what your thinking… I don’t know anyone and how can little old me make a difference by telling others?  History has shown and most businesses know that word of mouth is the best advertising that cant be bought.  Why not apply that same principle to #savingfamilyfarmers?  If each person that reads this were to tell three people about the our right attack on family farmers that our government and corporate agriculture are actively engaging in, we would soon overwhelm those in power and the war would be one. So, I would ask and encourage each of you to tell 3 people each and every day.  It only takes a second to share it on Facebook, or to send out a tweet, or to mention it to the cashier at the restaurant how you would be a regular consumer if they would buy local natural farm fresh food.  How Bout it? Will you commit to spreading the word every day? If each one of us would tell just three new people we meet, each and every day this fight would end rapidly as the position of critical mass would be reached and the shear volume of people that know about the crisis and are not comfortable with it would turn the corporations heads and the Governments.
  3. Writing Your Elected Officials:  Writing our government officials and letting them know about your concerns with the use of tax dollars and laws to drive the natural family farmers out of business.  According to what we have been able to ascertain hand written letters with hand addressed envelopes get the most attention.  We would encourage each of you to commit to writing just one letter a week, and mailing it to either a local, state, or national elected official.  If each person would do this again the people in power that care about only money and power would begin to see that this is not a small issue that many are just going to sit back and let happen. That the very people who vote are concerned about this crisis and are willing to do something.
  4. Write to Main Stream Media: Similar to the writing to elected official, use the old axiom that the pen is mightier that the sword and write them!  Hand written and hand addressed make the greatest impact, and have the best chance of getting read.  Write letters to the news rooms, and to the editors. making them relative to current events and other news that that media outlet is talking about.  Go to their face book pages, use twitter, and other forms of social media.  The more people reach out to main stream media outlets the more the world will have the opportunity to hear the message and see what’s going on. Will you Commit to writing one media outlet a week?
  5. Teaching  The Children:  Children are the generation to follow us and we need to be teaching them about what is going on and encouraging them to learn about their food, how to garden, the natural process of raising animals and plants.  Instilling within children the desire to work hard, good morals, and the understanding of the natural growth of food. Each and every adult has an obligation to teach the next generation and leave a world in a better place for them.
  6. Growing Your Own: If each one of us grew our own food, or at least some of our food we would put a serious dent in the power that corporate agriculture holds over each of us via the control of our food and energy.  If you need help with growing food please visit our “Take Back America –  Plant a Victory Garden” Program. Everyone can grow food, in an apartment and everywhere.  Aquaponics,   Perma Culture, Hugo Culture, and more.
  7. Volunteer:    Spend your time volunteering, get involved in helping staff booths at the farmers markets, weeding the elderly neighbors garden, helping with an event like March Against Monsanto.  Get involved with blogging and social media aspects of spreading the word about what is going on with our family farmers.  If you would like to volunteer please email us.
  8. Supporting Our Organization or Others Organizations:     You can support by volunteering, monetarily, or by simply spreading the information about us.

This is about our endeavors to Save the Family Farmers through our programs and outreach:  These programs are funded through our “Save The Family Farmer Fund – To contribute please Click Here: Thank You.

Here are Get To Know Your Farmer we are committed through our programs and actions to defend and save family farmers.  In the way that would make the founding fathers of this great land proud.  It is high time we as citizens stand up, speak out, and be heard – We will not stand for our goverment and big companies destroying our access to good, healthy food and destroying the very peoples lives who grow our food… The Family Farmer. 

Will you stand with Us?


Stay Tuned for the new Website Coming related to this cause and program.





If You know of a Farmer that needs our help please contact us at Info@gettoknowyourfarmer.com

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